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How to be a gamer girl

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Although I'm very much a lady I'm a little around the edges, as I grew up very close to 3 of my brothers.

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Women and girls who play video games are up against a lot: If male gamers and nerds have how to be a gamer girl, to some extent, been challenged to prove their "authenticity" to others in the community, those tests have been based in knowledge and skill. With female gamers, it's quite a bit more complicated — and more than a little sexist.

What gamer girls and, relatedly, their comic book cousins, " fake geek girls " should and shouldn't do and what they should and shouldn't look like is a frequently heated topic of Internet discussion, particularly on S. See the gamer girl tag in particular.

Here are just a few of the confusing, and often paradoxical, rules set forth by Internet people gamers and non-gamers alike on what a gamer girl should be.

The original, non-gaming version of this comic can be found.

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