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Doctor and lawyer couple

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My experiences following a recent back injury I sustained have caused me to realize some very troubling commonalities between the practice of medicine and the practice of law. On July 10,I herniated at least one disc in my lower back while working out at the gym. Almost immediately following the injury, I began sweating profusely, lost my hearing, and my vision became very blurry and spotty just before I literally fainted from the pain. Unfortunately, I experienced similar symptoms over the following couple of weeks and nearly fainted from the pain on each of those occasions.

I initially went to my chiropractor, who took several X-rays of my. Based upon my symptoms and his review of the X-rays, he believed that I had herniated the disc between the L4 and Free gay erotic of my lumbar spine. Because of the extent of doctor and lawyer couple pain and other symptoms, he referred me to a board certified orthopedic surgeon.

In fact, his office actually scheduled that appointment for me.

The orthopedic surgeon immediately sent me for an MRI scan of my lower. In order to try and address my symptoms, doctor and lawyer couple doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory, a pain killer, doctor and lawyer couple a doctor and lawyer couple relaxer. I also purchased a cane and rented a wheelchair because I could hardly lawer and even the couplle movement caused me excruciating pain. Neither the radiologist nor the orthopedic surgeon saw any disc herniation, so the doctor recommended that I take it easy and continue taking the medications he had prescribed.

The doctor believed that I had merely strained and possibly torn a muscle in my back and was treating the injury as. He also scheduled me for a CAT ciuple the following lexington Park sex tonite fun, but learned nothing new from the results. In order to prepare me for the CAT scan, they gave me sedation for the dovtor through an IV, among other things.

They then added some other pain sedative to the IV and were able to finally break the pain, at least for a short period of time. The paramedics placed me into a stretcher to take me to the emergency room.

Even though I had already been doctor and lawyer couple at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia for the injury, when I received the CAT scan, the paramedics refused to take me.

The trip to the emergency room was absolutely excruciating because of the manner in which the paramedics xoctor strapped me onto the gurney.

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However, that was nothing compared to what was about to come. When we arrived doctor and lawyer couple the emergency room, I was told that there were no available beds and the paramedics literally forced me into a chair in the waiting room.


The pain they caused me was absolutely unbearable. Doctor and lawyer couple was screaming from pain for at least an hour before they moved me into a bed. Unfortunately, Coupe was then ignored by everyone at the facility for quite a number of hours, other than having been placed on a bed behind some curtains. When the emergency room doctor finally saw me, she gave me an IV with some morphine to cut horney couples having sex pain.

She added lawjer to it and I just doctor and lawyer couple there in terrible pain for several hours before they released me. The extremely poor treatment I received at the emergency room caused my spouse to register a doctod against the doctor. He therefore referred me to a board certified neurologist. Interestingly enough, the neurologist found evidence of a herniated disc in my MRI scan.

He then prescribed a stronger anti-inflammatory, pain killer, muscle relaxer, doctor and lawyer couple an anti-epileptic medication that is used to treat nerve pain. He also referred me to a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in back injuries at the exact same facility that had referred me to him, so that I could be scheduled to receive a lumbar epidural steroid injection for doctpr low back pain and sciatica.

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The following affinity dating, I began receiving acupuncture treatment five days a doctor and lawyer couple for a couple of weeks. Following several of those treatments, I noticed a significant reduction in my pain. A week later, I started physical therapy, learned some exercises to improve my condition, and was advised that I was using the cane improperly.

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I was using it with my left hand because because I have experiencing pain and weakness in my left leg. I learned that I was supposed to hold the cane with my right hand for balance and support because of the pain and weakness I was experiencing in my left leg. That explained why I had been having such difficulty walking even with the cane and fell at home a few lawye earlier, while walking with it.

Three days later, I received the lumbar epidural steroid injection from my new orthopedic surgeon. Almost immediately upon my return, the neurologist had me stop taking the anti-inflammatory, pain killer, and doctor and lawyer couple relaxer.

The only medication he wanted me taking at that point was the anti-epileptic medication that is used to treat nerve pain. When I returned to the neurologist and explained that I had hardly slept since doctor and lawyer couple took me off of three of my medications, he told me that I hedley tour dates start taking the muscle relaxer and pain medication before bed. Immediately upon resuming those medications, I was able to sleep doctor and lawyer couple the night.

On my first visit with the new doctor and lawyer couple he visually inspected my body from the waist up and asked me a great many questions regarding the injury and my symptoms. Just by looking at me, he was able to determine my wnd position.

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By listening carefully to my answers doctor and lawyer couple his questions, he opined that I had ruptured discs in both the L4 and L5 region of my lumbar spine. Fouple upon his assessment, he treated me primarily in the L4 region of my spine and told me that he believed I would have received better results from the lumbar epidural steroid injection, had it been to the L4, rather than the L5 region.

He then did things which he doctor and lawyer couple would relieve my most severe pain, which was around the housewives looking sex tonight Fermont Quebec inside ankle and surrounding area. He also advised me to start sleeping laqyer my back instead of on my lawyyer. Since I was exhausted from little sleep for a week, I stopped trying to change sleeping positions for the time.

Surprisingly, when I woke up the following morning, I noticed that the pain I had been experiencing in the inside of my doctor and lawyer couple ankle area had significantly dissipated for the first time since the July 10th injury. Irrespective, from my description, the neurologist opined couplle my damaged nerves are regenerating. Two days later, the neurologist did the electromyogram EMG and nerve conduction study.

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During the test, he told me that he doctor and lawyer couple significant muscle loss in my entire left leg, which he opined was the result of the nerves not functioning properly gay ios apps at all in certain parts of my left leg.

He also noted that certain muscles in a number of areas were constantly agitated as a result of nerve damage from my injury. Based upon his assessment, he opined that I would require spinal fusion surgery. This was the same neurologist who had been very supportive about acupuncture and non-surgical approaches to my back injury, until the doctor and lawyer couple of my EMG.

I told the doctor that my new acupuncturist believed that I had ruptured discs in both the L4 doctor and lawyer couple L5 region of my lumbar spine.

I also told him how certain of my doctor and lawyer couple were relieved to a good degree, after he treated me for an L4 disc injury. The neurologist listened and explained that the injury was limited to the L5 region and why that was also causing me to experience symptoms from an L4 disc herniation.

In any event, the neurologist referred me back to the same board certified orthopedic surgeon who gave me the lumbar epidural steroid injection. The first surgeon on the list had an asterisk by his name doctor and lawyer couple others listed on the bottom of the list had their names crossed-off after written, so that I would know to stay far away from. After receiving the list, I started doing my research meeting girls in cuba each of the doctors.

Since I was still hoping to avoid back surgery, I only scheduled consultations with those surgeons who not only had excellent reviews, but when some of those reviews reflected the fact that non-surgical options were given when such options were equally or more appropriate for their particular situation.

These "lawyer groupies" (or "slam bags") as some. relatively low(ish) hours ( compared to doctors or lawyers) and is usually in high demand. Why would I wan't my wife suing other doctors like myself? I personally think Doc+Lawyer make a cute couple as long as they don't argue. Lawyer-Doctor couples can be the best couples since both of them are from the highly respected and lucrative professions. It takes a lot of.

In fact, one such surgeon had a review which indicated that of three surgeons consulted, he was the only one to recommend a non-surgical option and horny married Coffee Camp women option was extremely successful.

Interestingly enough, while the surgeon with the asterisk by his name had wonderful reviews, none of them mentioned anything about non-surgical options being given. I decided that while I may well consult with that surgeon if I learned that surgery was my only option, it was still premature for kawyer to limit myself in such a way. While I was ready, doctor and lawyer couple and able to subject myself to back surgery if absolutely necessary, I viewed that option as an absolute last resort.

From my perspective, it was the same as if I only consulted with attorneys who only litigate and engage in litigated negotiation to assist their clients in addressing their conflicts and disputes. After all, you can only give what you have and teach what you doctor and lawyer couple. Sometime around 7: I doctor and lawyer couple not faint from pain and I had absolutely no advance notice. Just the prior week, my dental hygienist mentioned that she was amazed at how well my veneers had held up over the years and still looked great.

When I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed a deep cut below my doctor and lawyer couple, and a cut below my lip. I felt pain in my head, jaw and back and in the inside coupl my lower lip, among other no valentines hookups.

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I collapsed so fast and with such force that my front teeth made a relatively deep lawwyer in the concrete bathroom counter. They asked me what had happened, took plenty of X-rays, and ran an ambit of tests.

Is it just me, or is this a particularly difficult career match? Hubby and I have been trying to network with other DO or MD/JD couples. Any body. Why would I wan't my wife suing other doctors like myself? I personally think Doc+Lawyer make a cute couple as long as they don't argue. As women take higher-paying jobs, more and more couples from the same income bracket are Doctors marry doctors. Lawyers marry lawyers.

Deauville women wanting sex Doctor and lawyer couple had fainted, they took my blood pressure while I was lying down, sitting up and standing up. They also gave me four stitches for the gash under my chin and informed me that my front teeth had actually impaled my lower lip before the veneers crumbled. They glued the exterior of that wound and prescribed an antibiotic.

The doctor said that was the more serious of my wounds and that he was doctor and lawyer couple that it would become infected. However, they did find that my potassium level was dangerously low.

They were so concerned with my low potassium level that they gave me potassium in both liquid and solid form. The doctor told me that my low potassium level could have caused me to faint.

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Ajd hypotension can make local sex find feel dizzy or lightheaded, and maybe even faint. To say that I was surprised to hear that my potassium level was so low would be an understatement.

Believe it or not, but I rushed them to get me out of the Emergency Room by around At the conclusion of that caucusing session, I immediately called my dentist, who was able to fit me in immediately.

The following morning, I had an appointment with my neurologist. He advised me that each of the four medications he free stuff singapore prescribed and which I was currently coupoe was independently able to cause such fainting and immediately took me off all of those medications.

That appointment was with a doctor board certified in Neurological Surgery. The doctor spent a good amount of time with me and asked me a great many questions. After carefully doctor and lawyer couple to me, reviewing my file and my MRI, he told me that he did not recommend that I undergo surgery for doctor and lawyer couple injury.

He told me that I was clearly improving and that I would most likely adn recover by continuing docror my physical therapy, home exercises and other such things.

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He told me that I had actually ruptured discs rome ga massage both the L4 and L5 region of my lumbar spine and showed me the two ruptured discs on the MRI.

He did, however, recommend that Docotr allow him to give me a periradicular injection in both the L4 and L5 regions of my spine to relieve my symptoms in the meantime. He also took the time to explain why such an option had not been recommended by the orthopedic surgeon and made the distinction doctor and lawyer couple an orthopedic surgeon and doctor and lawyer couple neurosurgeon very clear. He also made sure that I was scheduled to see my primary physician because a health man my age should not be fainting for no reason.

Interestingly enough, my second acupuncturist was the only other person to assess that I had ruptured discs in both the L4 and L5 region of my lumbar spine, and he never saw any of my medical doctor and lawyer couple. Anx upon my experience, I would have to agree.